Do Korean BBQ the Right Way

Types of BBQ Meat

Korean BBQ is honestly AMAZING and I’m sure you will fall in love with it!

Typically, Korean restaurants don’t translate the names of menu items and just write it in English the way it sounds. That can be tricky when trying to identify what exactly is in the dishes. So here is a basic guide.

1. Bulgogi 불고기

This is a beef dish with delicious marinate. It’s not the typical Korean BBQ taste, and is more like something you would eat over rice. I would recommend this for someone who’s never had K-BBQ


2. Samgyeopsal 삼겹살

This is a pork dish, probably MY FAVORITE. It literally translates to: pork belly. BUT don’t let the name scare you away because it’s probably not what you are imagining. Just try it. No further explanation needed.


3. Galbi 갈비

Galbi is a very popular Korean dish amongst Americans; especially in LA. They even made their own type of Galbi out there and it’s called: LA Galbi. They’re beef short ribs marinated in heavenly sauce. Another good choice for first timers.


4. So Hyuh소 혀

This dish is better not knowing what the translation means. It is very thin and cooks super quickly so I always ordered it when I was starving. The translation is “cow tongue”. Which it actually is but trust me, it’s not what you’re imagining either.


5.  Chadol 차돌

This is Beef Brisket. Another thinly sliced beef choice that can cook fairly quickly if you aren’t up for the cow tongue.


Dynamics of the Korean Table


So as you can see in the picture above, there is a lot going on. In Korea, we eat all our meals with various side dishes called “banchan”. In the middle of the table is a grill that you will be cooking your meat on and the server will usually turn it on for you. You should be given a plate with tongs and scissors along with the meat and you use the tongs to place the meat on the grill. A tip is to put all the pork on one side of the grill first because it takes the longest to cook.

You should also have a basket with lettuce and “leaves”. They aren’t actually  leaves though, it’s a special type of Korean vegetable. Those are for you to put the bbq in, along with rice and some sauce, wrap it into a ball; this is called a “Sam”.



Like this picture, you can put whatever you desire. The picture here shows some peppers and kimchi also thrown in there.



In Korea, it is common for people to wrap up sams and feed them to their romantic partners. It is a sign of affection and is often done by many couples.


But if you’re single, don’t worry! It’s not limited to lovey dovey couples, but can be expressed to friends and family! Below is a photo of a mother feeding a sam to her son!



Now you are ready to go out and take on Korean BBQ! Nobody would guess it’s your first time!




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