Military + Dependents Benefits!

1. Free TSA Pre-Check

Skip the lines at airports! Civilians and military working for the department of defense can use TSA Pre-Check for free! (Regularly $85) Just use your 10 digit DOD ID Number as the Known Travelers Number when booking a flight. If you don’t know your DOD ID Number you can find it at this link

Just go to “update personal info” and you should be able to find your DOD ID number there. If you are a civilian, click on your work tab and find the number located in the page.


2. Save On Your Phone Bill

I have AT&T and I recieve 15% of my wireless bill EVERY MONTH. This is the ONLY discount available on the wireless plans themselves. With that being said rules are a little stricter, you must go into an AT&T store and present the ID to an employee. I know Verizon and T-Mobile offers military discounts as well!


3. Waves of Honor

This site allows active duty and 3 guests to go to Seaworld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens, and more fun spots for FREE! There are also special discounts for VETERANS and dependents. Just scroll down and click the links associated under veterans. You just have to verify through

Click the link


4. Order Online at MyExchange

You don’t have to physically be at the PX or BX to shop tax free! You can actually order things online as long as you log in with your DODS ID number. There are always great deals! Go to the my exchange site!


5. Troop ID

So did you know that there was a website you could verify your military ID on to receive discounts while online shopping? is actually also the site you visit when verifying for waves of honor! Through the site you can verify by using your SSN, USAA log-in, or DD214. Dependents can sign up as well! The stores that use Troop ID include but are not limited to: Yeti, Toms, Sunglasses hut, etc! Click link.


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