Review: Tile

So I had seen ads and people carrying around tiles on their keychain. I didn’t think the price was worth it so I may have rolled my eyes whenever I saw someone ringing their tile.

One day I was almost late for an interview, rummaging through my room to look for my wallet. I kept thinking to myself, “why is my wallet always at an random spot, every single time?” In the crack of the couch, under my bed, or even in my closet; my wallet is always found in a place a wallet doesn’t belong! I finally found my wallet underneath my pillow but then I realized my phone was nowhere to be seen. After ripping off my comforter to find an empty phone-less bed, I opened up my macbook to ring it from find my iphone.

That night I ordered a packet of tiles that were on sale.


So I got a packet that had two slim ones like the one pictures above, and two keychains.

The slim ones are designed to fit right into your wallet like a card and the keychains are.. well self explanatory.

I actually used these WAY MORE than I thought I would. If I couldn’t find my wallet, no problem; I would get on my handy dandy tile app on my phone and ring it. But what if I didn’t have my phone? No problem. If you press down on the middle of any of your tiles, it actually rings your phone! So because I had the one on my keychain, I could ring my phone and then use the app to ring my wallet!


Honestly, these have saved me SO MUCH TIME. Although the one on my keychain didn’t last very long…. My puppy chewed it up.

The battery hasn’t died so far and it’s been 6 months so that’s good. It shows the last known location of the tile on the app, if it is dead or lost.



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