Asian Make-Up Tricks

I struggled with youtube videos I could never follow.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t understand the point of mascara. My lashes were straight so no matter how many layers I applied, you couldn’t see my lashes. I found that if I drew a thin line of eyeliner, when I opened my eyes you couldn’t see them too. As I practiced makeup more, I learned how to overcome these issues. I wish someone would have told me about them before, so hopefully I am helping someone else!


Lashes are important!

Just simply having eyelashes that are long enough to show above your eyelid makes a huge difference in how feminine you look. I found that even if I curled my lashes and put mascara on, it still didn’t hold. One day I tried my moms water proof mascara and the results were AMAZING.

Some brands don’t work as well as others. From my personal experience cycling through mascaras my favorite are:

134716c3-819a-44d9-afbe-6df3230cc5f1_1.03dccecbb0cf21bc3b1d6421f78c3b39              1. Lash Blast Volume – Covergirl

This has been my holy grail mascara ever since I saw the youtube makeup channel “from head to toe” explain that it was the best at holding curls. I’ve tried Better Than Sex by Two Faced and this one still holds curls way better.


elle-waterproof-mascara-too-faced                  2. Better Than Sex – Two Faced

Although it doesn’t hold curls as great as the cover girl product, this one is great with lengthening. It doesn’t get clumpy and it adds so much length to lashes. I prefer using this if I am wearing eyeshadow. But for everyday? I like the covergirl. Plus this one is a lot more expensive so think about it before you decide.



51IpcqZ5U6L._SY355_.jpg3. Dr.Mascara Fixer – Etude House

I purchased this product while I was in south korea and it is AMAZING. You can purchase it on Amazon by just searching the name. It is a clearish white primer you put on after curling your lashes, and it holds the curl perfectly and lengthens. You just put some mascara right on top of that.



So if the mascara is going to hold the curl, the curl has to be decent too, right? After cycling through countless eyelash curlers I have been stuck to the Tweezerman Lash Curlers. To be honest any of their products are great! I’ve tried the Shisedo curler and I still like the tweezerman better.


Foundation Tones Make A Big Difference

If any of you have noticed, most foundations sold in the U.S. have redish pink undertones. You probably have a color difference from your face and neck.

Asian skin tends to be more yellow toned and finding the right shade is hard. So far out of the foundations I have tried I found that Loreal True Match makes foundations with different undertones. It’s the colors that start with W. So my shade is W4. Also Urban Decay all nighter has fantastic full coverage with the same W in front of the shade.


So these are the big game changer tips I have to offer! Please let me know how it works out if you do try these products! Thank you for reading (:



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