Meet People With Dating Apps

Dating apps and website have been extremely popular. I personally know people who have met on tinder and have been dating for 2 years.  But making sure your profile is a good representation of you is important because you can’t express yourself face to face. Here are some tips and app specific tricks.

Choose your photos wisely. 

Most dating sites allow you to have around 3-5 photos featured on your profile. Make sure you include these 3:

  1.  A Classy, Attractive Headshot

It’s important to be able to show exactly what your face looks like because everyone is a face person. It doesn’t need to be a passport photo or a selfie but maybe just a photo someone took of you sitting somewhere. If you have a good selfie, go for it! The photo should be classy enough for it to be kid friendly. So leave the pictures which are a little too revealing or have your bong sitting in the background in your personal device.

2. A Head to Toe Photo

Try finding a photo that someone took for you during a fun trip! It’s good to show your true self and show your body type.

3. A photo with a group of friends

You don’t want all yours photos of you alone. It’s actually called the cheerleader effect. Anyone looks more attractive in a group than by themselves

Grab Attention Using Your Bio.

Your bio is the one chance you get to express yourself internally instead of superficially. Don’t just write the typical “My name is _____ and I like to do __________ for fun”. Write something that sparks curiosity. For example instead of writing “I like to paint for fun” if you wrote “swipe right if you want to see my art” it’s flirty and inviting. Also don’t make it too long, nobody will want to read three paragraphs.

Different Platforms

  1. Tinder

Allows you to set an age range you are looking for and a distance from yours. You swipe right when you like someone and left if you pass. If the other person swipes right after you did too, you two become a match and can now message one another. There is also a super like option you get once a day!

    2. Bumble

Allows you to set the age and distance like Tinder. It’s actually very similar to Tinder but the difference is that the girl has to message first. It is not possible for the man to message first and if the female doesn’t respond within 24 hours, you two are no longer a match.

    3. Coffee Meets Bagel

This one is very different. It limits the amount of likes you can use in a day. This encourages more conversation between existing matches because the abundance of matches can actually inhibit conversations. On Tinder, after swiping all day, a user can end up with 50 matches. This user probably won’t have a conversation with all 50 people.


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