Weird Facts About Working at Hooters

1. You always have to have your hair down.

Most restaurants force all staff members who handle food to have their hair up. I’ve worked at Steak n’ Shake and that was the case there for me. Strangely at Hooters we have to have our hair down at all times. No bobby pins, head bands, or ties.

2. You always have to have make-up on.

Even if you are a girl that is naturally beautiful without any makeup, makeup is a must. Without any makeup on, you will get sent home. Also hair always must be styled so if you have naturally curly hair, it has to be straightened.

3. You can’t work at another breasteraunt.

Yep, no working at twin peaks or wing house. All Hooters girls sign a contract ensuring you will not be working with any of those other restaurants.

4. You have to wear panty hose.

You can’t show the skin of your legs. You must have panty hose on and if they rip, you better buy a new one.

5. No buttocks showing.

As short as their shorts are, you are not permitted to show any butt cheeks.. Not sure how that can be possible..

6. If you look different, they have the right to fire you.

At your new hire orientation, the management takes a photo of you which becomes a part of your corporate file. If you ever look different from this photo, they are allowed to fire you. We had a couple of girls come back after giving birth to their babies and they were fired due to the weight gain from their pregnancy.

7. No eating allowed.

Eating must be done before or after your shift because there is no such thing as a break or any eating allowed.



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