Thankful for Paying Taxes

Every Easter, I like to sit down and think about some of the things that I believe negatively impact my mood and then turn it into something I can be positive about. In my opinion having a positive mindset can change your day, or even your life! So I always try to think with a positive light on everything. You should try too!

I Am Thankful For Paying Taxes

Because it means that I am employed. I’ve been hearing plenty of complaints about filing Taxes around this time of year. I was one of those people who would complain seeing the amount of Taxes taken off of my paychecks. But I realized I’m actually really thankful for it. I’m thankful because it means that I am employed. Look around you, don’t we all know at least one person that is in need of a job? People that would love to have your job and be paying those taxes. Let’s be thankful for employment.

I Am Thankful For My Large Electric Bill

Because it means that I have a home. I began thinking about the people who don’t have to pay an electric bill. The homeless. Anyone who has a bed to sleep in, a kitchen to cook in, have electric bills. Maybe paying the electric bill is a good thing not a bad one.

I Am Thankful For The Political Disagreements That Surround Me

Because it means that I have the freedom of speech. Everyday I log onto facebook and see arguments over political issues and complaints about people arguing. Let’s think about the countries who do not give their citizens this type of freedom. Let’s be thankful.



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