Experience: I had an emergency surgery

I had woke up feeling slightly nauseous that morning.

It wasn’t too abnormal to feel a little sick in the morning and I had a lot of studying to do so I packed my bag and headed to the library. While studying at the library, my stomach began to hurt and I figured it was because I was on an empty stomach.

I continued to study and ignored the pains, until I noticed I felt very cold. I went to my car to get a jacket and sat back down. I noticed that I was drenched in sweat by the time I got back with my jacket. It was already 4 p.m. and I decided to grab a bite to eat and went to Spoleto. There I began to break out in a cold sweat once again and my stomach pains were worsening. I quickly picked up my food and sat in my car but I felt light headed and determined I was not good to drive. I called a couple different people asking to drop me off at home but nobody was answering. After sitting at Spoleto for thirty minutes I drove home and although I was not hungry I ate all the pasta. I started to feel a strange sharp pain on my lower back so I asked my brother to look at it.

My brother didn’t think I was seriously ill at that time and was half listening to me while playing PC video games haha. I was trying to get his attention to look at my back for me when he slapped my back without even looked over and said “you’re fine”. He continued to play video games and I walked into my bedroom and collapsed into my bed. All of a sudden I heard my brother go into the kitchen and converse with my two other roommates who were sitting on the table. I heard my brother saying “Ew, who didn’t clean their pot?” and my roommate responding, “Anna”. My brother yelled for me, “Anna come clean your pot!” which I responded to saying I couldn’t because I didn’t feel well. Still taking the situation lightly, my roommates and brother were jokingly making fun of me saying “it hurts” in a whining voice and fake crying in the kitchen. I was very angry at this time and wanted to make it clear that I was actually very ill and did not want them joking around about it. I went out there and screamed “I’m sick. Leave me alone. These are all my dishes anyways, if you want to borrow them clean them yourself”. Afterwards I slammed my door and went back to bed.


Waking up at 4 a.m. in pain

Around 4 a.m. I woke up drenched in sweat. I felt like I had a fever and my stomach pains were worse than before. I crawled into the bathroom and began to vomit all my spoleto I had eaten. The vomitting and naseous did not stop and I ended up laying next to the toilet until 6:30 a.m. which at that point the pain was intolerable. I called my roommate and asked her to come to my room, when she arrived we both knew I needed to go to the hospital. She dropped me off in front of the Emergency Room and I walked in and signed in. I laid inside my hospital room and waited for the doctor. She came inside and asked about my symptoms and concluded that I had a stomach ulcer but wanted to double check and do a CT scan.

The CT scan was very strange. I had to drink 3 cups of this disgusting tasting fluid which was the contrast. I was told to try to keep it down because if I threw it up I would have to do it again. It was difficult keeping down the disgusting tasting liquid but I managed to do so. After drinking the fluid, I had to wait an hour before doing the scan to make sure the contrast was spread out in my intestines. After taking a quick nap I was being wheeled into the CT room and I already felt better from my nap. I thought I was ready to go home. The CT machine looked very scary and had a clear liquid attached to it with long curly wire hanging down ending with a huge metal needle of some sort. I was told that it was Iodine and I would be injected in both arms with those needles.

I was scared but held my breath and the needles were inserted into both my arms. When the CT scan started, I began to move closer into the round opening. All of a sudden I could feel the Iodine entering my arms and I felt warm everywhere. I could taste the Iodine in my mouth which was strange and I felt warm in my lower half of my body and I thought I had accidentally wet myself. Surprisingly I did not. The CT technician told me that the Iodine gives you that sensation but its just warmth that I am feeling.

Emergency Surgery

After the CT scan, I was told to wait for my results so I took another nap. I had to go to work that afternoon so I was hoping everything would be over soon. Later on a nurse entered the room and told me I was going to be moved to the pre-op room shortly. I was alarmed. I asked her why I was going to the pre-op room and she said “oh, nobody told you yet? Let me go get your doctor so she can tell you”. I was waiting in my room for the female doctor who told me I had stomach ulcers when a different male doctor and two nurses came into the room. He introduced himself as the surgeon. Again I asked where my doctor was and why I was getting surgery. He too looked surprised that nobody had informed me yet and told me that he was a general surgeon and he had recieved a call from my doctor because I had Appendicitis. He said that the risk of leaving appendicitis untreated could result in a preforated appendix which can be fatal. He wanted to go into surgery within the hour.

Feeling like I had no choice, I was wheeled into the pre-op room. I didn’t have time to call anyone so I just texted my brother, “come to ER ask for my name at the front desk”.

The anestheiologist entered the room and instructed me to count down backwards from 10. “10, 9, 8, 7…”

Scared and alone, I counted backwards with tears falling from my eyes.

Post-Op Experience

I don’t remember much from right after my surgery. All I remember is sitting in my bed eating ice for some reason. I remember there was one nurse there with me and I just kept eating my ice. I later on found out from the nurses that I was actually being very social after my surgery because I was waking up from anesthesia. All I remember is eating ice chips but the nurse told me that I was No one by Alicia Keys. She also told me that when two other nurses asked me to lay down on my bed so I can be wheeled into my hospital room, I kept refusing to lay down. They attempted to push me down but I kept springing up and sitting up in my stretcher. She also said that when the nurse asked me to please lay down, I responded by saying “what’s your problem you grumpy b****”. Eventually they gave up and rolled me out with me sitting on my stretcher and as I was being wheeled away I had both my hands up high in the air with my middle fingers erect and I yelled, “woohoo I am out of here, bye b****s”.

*This is a video of me in the post op room right after surgery. I have no memory of taking this video*

Although I don’t remember any of that,  I guess that is what happened in the post op room. I was wheeled into my hospital room where my brother was waiting for me. I don’t remember how I got into the post op room or my brother being there but my brother told me some funny stories as well. He told me that when I was being rolled in I said “pfffffff, look there’s only one person in here waiting for me. Nobody cares about me.” hahaha when my brother told me I said that I was dying laughing. He also told me that when my surgeon came in to check on me that I was flirting with him and asking for his phone number… So embarrassing!!

I had to spend the night at the hospital and was originally put on a liquid diet. I complained to my surgeon telling him I was extremely hungry and he told me that usually the patients aren’t hungry after the procedure and have a hard time eating. He said that he will lift the diet restriction if I feel up to eating. Once the liquid diet was lifted, I pigged out.

I didn’t feel any pain for the first hour but then once the meds started to wear off I felt like I had done 4000000 sit ups. My abdominal muscles were extremely sore and I didn’t want to use them for whatever reason. If I was needing to sit up, I held onto the rails.

Night 1

So I had a lot of friends and coworkers come visit me so I wasn’t very bored. I really dreaded sleeping in the hospital room by myself but I was exhausted and passed out. Going to the bathroom was an awful experience because the process of getting up and dragging my IV with me to the stall was exhausting and painful. The process felt like an eternity. When I woke up that morning I had sneezed, and oh my goodness. Sneezing is probably the most painful part after surgery. My first sneeze had me in tears. And till now, before I sneeze I instinctively try to hold it in. Sneezing was probably painful for the next two months.

Other than the sneeze, everything had looked good and I was discharged from the hospital! This concludes my surgery experience.

Have any of you had an appendectomy?



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