Meeting Bruno Mars (?)

Life is Spontaneous

My friends always told me that I live an exciting life. I couldn’t disagree because I constantly find myself in a situation where I even wonder myself, “how did I end up here?” This is probably because I live my life in a very adventurous manner but hey, I think it’s worth it.

On October 13th, the day before the Bruno Mars Concert (which I didn’t even know about) something “exciting” happened and I was told to be at the Amway Center in Orlando two hours before the concert if I wanted to watch it front row and meet him. This is my story.


I blogged about my employment at Hooters of America previously. Well this story begins with me working a night shift and well, doing my regular job at the restaurant.

Here’s a picture of me in my uniform working in 2017.

So that night, I served a table with one man who came in alone. He was very heavy built, looked intimidating almost. Probably 6 foot 5″, African American, and extremely muscular man.

As I conversed with him as I usually do while serving guests, he shared with me that he is the personal body guard of Bruno Mars and that he is in Orlando because there is a concert tomorrow night.

I had no idea that Bruno Mars was in Orlando until he had told me and I thought that it was pretty cool to meet his body guard.

After he finished eating and was getting ready to leave, he gave me his phone number and told me that if I wanted to go to his concert and watch it front row for free, that I can meet him in front of the Amway Center two hours prior to the concert and he would hook me up.


I was slightly hesitant and unsure if this were true but then I thought I might as well find out if it is and the only way to find out: to go and meet him the next day.

So me and my roommate never really went out anywhere, we were home bodies so we put some makeup on, did our hair, and went to the meeting spot.

Our outfits we decided to wear that night to the event.

When we arrived at the meeting place, we just called the body guard and he showed up as promised.

He gave us tickets to the FRONT ROW like he said and they were free. He also told us to stay in our seats because at the end we will get to go meet Bruno Mars and his band.

We were escorted to our seats by the security guards and wow. The seats were literally front row.

The concert was a lot of fun and he sounded great live. It was slightly awkward trying to “dance” to his songs. The stage crew kept telling us to get up and dance to his music but I couldn’t really dance to uptown funk.

Here is a photo of the ticket

and HERE is a clip of Bruno Mars singing.


After the concert:

we were instructed to wait in our seats. After most of the concert goers left the building, a security guard approached us, along with five other girls in the front row and told us to follow him.

We were led to a backroom where there were a couple couches and a table full of alcohol and food. They told us to stand in a line and began explaining that all of us in the room had received  a free ticket because Bruno Mars always reserves the middle portion on the front row of his concerts for beautiful women he can party with afterwards.

I felt slightly concerned at this point because nobody knew we were in this backroom and there were 7 of us and 10 giant body guards in the room. Then they told us that we can meet Bruno Mars and party with him and his band so I let go of my concerns and continued to listen to him. He brought out a brown box and told us all to place our phones inside it for Bruno’s safety. At this point, I felt too uncomfortable and told the security guard that I will have to respectfully decline this opportunity for my own safety. The security guard understood and allowed me to leave the room.

I guess I’ll never know what happened in that room or what Bruno Mars is like. But I don’t regret it because I’m very cautious of the situations I put myself in.

I enjoyed the concert and thats what I wanted so it was fun!




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