Secret to Training a Puppy

I potty trained Max within two days.

My puppy, Max, was potty trained within 48 hours at the age of 9 weeks.

So many people asked me how I was able to train a puppy so quickly or easily. First, I must mention that it was not an easy process. It takes patience and some cleaning, but it is so worth it!

The Key is positive reinforcement.

I found that punishing or yelling at a puppy did not do anything.

It only caused fear in my pup and I had lost his trust. He did not behave the way I wanted him to after any type of punishment.

After doing some research, I realized that dogs do not understand why they are being punished. Positive reinforcement was the way to go.

I began to carry treats in my pockets while I was walking him and whenever he peed I would start clapping and squealing, “GOOD BOYYYY” and then give him a treat. Whenever he did have an accident in the house, I wouldn’t do anything about it, I just cleaned it up and made sure the spot did not smell like urine anymore.

Schedule is key.

This part is SO important. If you plan on getting a puppy, I recommend taking off of work so that you can properly train him/her. First I would start with every two hours of walking the pup. I set an alarm on my phone for every two hours, including while I was sleeping. Whenever my alarm rang, I put the leash on and went outside. Also, they need to be taken out right after they eat and drink water.

With this method, I never had any accidents every again. For the first three days I took him out every two hours. Then gradually I moved to three hours. After a week I could sleep overnight for seven hours and take him during the day every four hours.


In conclusion, it’s very important not to get frustrated with your pup. He/she doesn’t know your house rules yet! Once potty training is done, everything gets easy.


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