Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

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1. My real name is not Anna.

My entire family has called me Anna my whole life and I’ve only introduced myself as Anna but ironically, Anna is not the name on my Driver’s License.

2. I am a naturalized U.S. citizen.

I was born in a small city in South Korea called Bundang. Both my parents were South Korean citizens so of course I was born as a citizen of the Republic of Korea.

3. I play the violin and piano.

My mother took me to violin and piano lessons since I was six years old. I’m not sure if I liked playing but I did learn how to.

4. I performed in a Magic Show in South Korea.

My mother took me to magic classes in Korea where I learned basic magic tricks. Later on, my brother and I were able to perform in our instructor’s performance.

5. I can hold my breath for an entire minute.

You would think it’s easy, right? Get your stopwatch app on your phone out and try it! It’s harder than you would think.

6. I enlisted in the U.S. army when I was eighteen years old.

I went to basic training in Fort Sill, OK in June of 2015.

7. I’ve always had a job since I was 14.

It started with my first job at the commissary on an Army base in South Korea. I was 14 years old bagging groceries. From there I moved to Tennessee and was a cook at Cheeseburger Charley’s to my next job at Steak n’ Shake to my next job at Spark Day Care to Hooters, then onto 5th Element Healing Spa, Victoria’s Secret, and lastly Dillards.

8. I went to four different high schools.

I went to Seoul American High School my freshman year, Kaiserslautern High School sophomore year, West Creek High School Junior year, and graduated from Oviedo high School Senior year!

9. I painted a mural in a restaurant.

My senior year of high school I painted a wall mural inside of a small restaurant in Geneva, FL.

10. I don’t have an appendix.

I had my appendix removed in 2017.


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