Life as a Hooters Girl: The Interview

Raised eyebrows, widened eyes, and a smirk is the normal response I get whenever I share my part-time job with someone: a hooters girl.

We are branded as attractive, physically fit girls wearing tight orange shorts and a tank top ready to serve you hot wings. The corporation’s brand is universally understood and annually celebrates an international swimsuit pageant with stunning waitresses from locations all around the world. With such a branding technique it does not surprise me that people view us differently from other servers and are curious about our work environment.┬áSo here I am sharing with you my experience with the company over the past four years.

My interview was back in 2014 but the process isn’t different from the one today.

All the applications are done online and the process is pretty quick. The most important part about your application is the photo that you choose to upload. I uploaded a photo of myself wearing a white tank top and my hair in a braid. It was just a selfie I took with my iPhone 4s and it got the job done.

The first interview I had was pretty fun. They are actually called ‘auditions’ to become hooters girls. I was sat down and asked silly questions like “if you were stranded on an island and you could bring one thing with you, what would you bring?” Now that I think back to it I think I may have answered that question way to logically and said “a phone”.

At the end of the interview, if you made the cut they give you a slip with a date on it which is your second audition. The second audition was pretty much the same deal with more questions but with a different manager. At the end of the second audition you receive another slip, if you pass, which is a little more interesting.

It has the date of the last audition and says to show up camera ready.

I came with my hair curled, make up flawlessly done and was taken to the bathroom by another hooters girl. She then used a tape measurer to measure my bust, waist, thigh, and many other places and wrote them down on a clip board. Afterwards she came back with a uniform and told me to try it on.

After I stepped out of the bathroom with my uniform, the manager inspected the fitting of it and then took pictures of me to see how photogenic I was. You’ll find out the same day if you passed the audition because they will tell you to keep the uniform.

So that was my interviewing experience with Hooters and I will be posting more about the work environment and funny experiences I’ve had!




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